Things to do before Travelling

There are some things to remember before travelling that you should always keep in mind.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is sometimes seen as a waste of money as most probably you never really had to use it. In cases where you have to use it, it can save you big amounts of money especially with healthcare costs. Although you should be able to get free medical care with the EHIC (E111 card) in most EAA countries, having an private insurance is always a plus! We recommend to have one wherever you are going.

Medical Supplies & Vaccination

Before leaving always check that all your vaccinations are in places especially if you are visiting countries outside EU. You can check what you need online here. Best way is to visit your local doctor. Be Prepared for the weather, so make sure to check the weather forecast and be prepared for all outcomes.


Printing is nowadays not that important as many documents can be saved on your mobile. Make sure that the passport is at least 6 months from expiry as there are certain countries that will not except it, if you are planning to make cross border travelling. Make a new if there is a possibility that it will be in its last 6 months. Always keep your Credit / Debit Card that you have paid your airline tickets (even if the card has expired and a new was issued) as some airlines ask you for at the check in desk and it’s a tedious process if you have thrown it away. Printing all your airline, hotel, tour papers always come handy.


You can go old school (which is fun most of the time) with a map from a tourist centre or you can use your mobile for directions. Google maps has offline mode too, where you can load the map beforehand. This is very handy as you don’t have to waste time finding Wi-Fi spots and waste precious time from your holiday to search for a place; or use up the costly 3G/4G roaming! The only “downside” is that you can only load a 50km map. For more information regarding offline map visit Google’s page.


Make sure to check the currency of the country you are visiting and while sometimes it’s convenient to change money before leaving, there are places where airports or on high streets have better deals. Always have your credit card (or any pre paid card) with you as a backup as you never know what you might need it for (maybe for some extra shopping).



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